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Nianbaoyuze is a holy mountain in Guoluo Plain, Qinghai. Its main peak is at an elevation of 5369 meters above sea level. Nothing is better than the changeable weather can show the mystery of Nianbaoyuze. You may also appreciate the change of the four seasons in July and August. In the starry dawn, the heavy snow falling in succession and the pressing algidity make a prospect of deep winter. While the red sun is rising gradually from the east, the whole mountain is filled with heavy fog. Soon the full earth is showered under the golden sunshine and the sky is a limpid blue, as if swept clean of everything. In the morning, the thick cloud spreads over the mountain densely and it begins to rain pouringly. At noon, the dispersed clouds, lifted fog, and the scorching sun bring us to the hot summer at its height. In the afternoon, the sun falls to the west and the plain restores its former serenity completely. Ninanbaoyuze uncovers its mysterious veil and stands there slimly and gracefully. Its kind and sweet countenance reemerges before us. Nianbaoyuze, the holy mountain, is well known for its folded mountain chain, silvery snowy mountain range, thunder in the severe winter, and snow in the midsummer, ringing stone in the wind, bright moon and brilliant stars.