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No. 1 Bathing Beach  

The No.1 Beach

Qingdao's Number one bathing beach is situated at Huiquan bay. The beach is 580 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is surrounded on three sides by green mountains. Modern facilities and traditional Chinese villas complement each other to conjure up a picturesque landscape.

The unique beach, known for its slightly inclining stretches of fine-sand slopes and calm waters, is among the best of all bathing beaches in Qingdao. Because of the water waves'unrelenting work on the rocks around the bay, the rocks were reduced to fine sands. Over time they built up along the beach and eventually developed into a beach full of silver-colored sands. The 580-meter-long and 40-meter-wide beach stretches far into the sea. The waves that enter the bay lose their strength having been subdued by the shield of mountains around the bay. And a calm water area is thus formed with the gentle bay waves measuring only about one meter high. The calm waters make it ideal for water-based activities. There are a total of 53 bathing compartments both on and under the ground of the beach. The bathing compartments above are partitioned by wood in a colonial German style, while the 2000-m2 compartments beneath are styled up with overhead windows for lighting. There is a large lounge room for swimmers, where refreshments are served. Other public services at the beach include information desks, shower rooms, public toilet and so on. No,1 Bathing Beach runs at a capacity of 200,000 swimmers.