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Oversea Chinese Museum  

The Overseas Chinese Museum is a building with an area of more than 3,000 square meters, displaying more than 7000 exhibits. The museum was founded by Tan Kah-kee, a well-known leader of the Overseas Chinese community and other noted countrymen residing abroad. Building started in 1956 and it opened to the public in May of 1959.

The museum is divided into six sections: the Story of overseas Chinese, tragedies of overseas Chinese before Liberation, the friendship between overseas Chinese and the people of their host countries, the contribution of overseas Chinese to the motherland, the past and present of the community of overseas Chinese, a review of policies of overseas Chinese.

The Museum displays many cultural relics, handicrafts and specimens sources donated by many overseas Chinese supporting the guiding thought of Tan Kah-kee that people should show respect for scientific and cultural information and make good use of its social consequences. The museum has three exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 2400 square meters, displaying more than 1200 pieces of pictures and documentation of all sorts, 2000 rare cultural relics, and more than 1000 specimens of various rare birds, beasts and aquatic products.