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Peak Flown from Afar  

Peak Flown Afar

The mountains at Linyin have scraggy exotic stones and unusual scenery. The Indian monk Huili wondered: "it is the small mountain ridge of the Lingjiu Mountain in the central part of the Tianzhu Kingdom (present day India), how come it flies here?" Therefore, it was called "The Peak Flying from Afar". The Peak Flying from Afar is a treasure of stone cave art from ancient times that seldom seen in the Yangtze River Delta. They compare favorably with the Duzu stone carvings of Sichuan Province.

Su Dongpo once wrote the poem "every part of the streams and mountains are suitable for making a house, but Linyin and The Peak Flying from Afar are most liked."

The "Chinese Stone Cave Arts Garden" was opened in the Linyin scenic area in 1993. and is a miniature version of the classic statues of famous stone cave arts from many parts of China such as Leshan Grand Buddha and Longmen Stone Cave.