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Phoenix Mountain Villa  

There are phoenix terrace, windmill restaurant, Fengming building, Longfeng pavilion, Guanbo pavilion, Youjing residence, European style villas, Shipu well, Shuanglong bridge, gateway, wildlife park and shopping centers in the phoenix mountain villa. The phoenix mountain villa is located on Phoenix Mountain dotted with straight larches, green pine trees, and great white birch trees. Overlooked from the Phoenix Mountain, the warbling Zhadun River is meandering. The Phoenix Mountain is covered by snow in winter over 5 months. The phoenix mountain villa is a natural ski field with rolling hills and devious deep valleys, broad terrain and natural ski runs shuttling the woods. The phoenix mountain villa possesses seven main scenic spots. The villa area has constructed 30 unique European style villas. In the ski field area, 25 miles of ski runs and 10 to 15-meter- wide ski field were constructed for tourists’ skiing and sledding on snow. In aquatic paradise area, tourists can enjoy wooden or bidaka rafting, boating, motor boating and other aquatic entertainments. The shooting range, covering an area of 2,500 square meters with 25 target positions, is a place for tourists’ target practice entertainment and competition of shooting. The children’s paradise is equipped with exquisite wooden children entertainment facilities. The race course, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, can provide tourists with horse riding, horse racing, games on horseback and other service. In Wildlife Park, various wild animals are reared for visitors’ appreciation.