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Quancheng Square  

Quancheng Square

Located in the city center, Quancheng Square covers an area of 16.96 hectares. It is now a top-grade modern square where Qilu culture and economic strength are well shown.

The famous Baotu Spring spurt or flow slowly in the east and the elegant liberation pavilion stands in the west. It mirrors in the Daming Lake in the north, and stretches along the verdant Thousand Buddha Mountain in the south. It is constituted of over ten parts, including Baotu Spring Square, Jinan Personage Corridor, Quanbiao Square, Sinking Square, Yitian Garden, pleasure ground for children, Binhe Square, music fountain, Siji Garden, Culture Corridor, Science and culture center and Silver Plaza.

The design of it stresses on the spring of Jinan.  A lotus music fountain which can make various shapes stands in the center of the square, with four other fountains under the mark. They stand for the four top springs of Jinan. The whole square gives a full play of beautiful Quancheng town typical in mountains, springs, lakes, cities and rivers.

The square has now been a large modern square integrated with modern civilizations. As a modern cultural square, it has played a great role in enriching the life of the citizens of Jinan. It is not only a desired place for relaxation and a fairyland for children, but also a good place where people can do shopping and business.

Built in the coming of the new century, Quancheng Square has been perfectly combined with the city scenery and the natural landscape, and reserved well the traditions. It carries not only the glory and brightness cultures of Jinan, but more the hopes of the Jinan citizens towards the new century.