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Red River Valley Park  

Red River Valley had been one of the ancient paths to the top of Taibai Mountains. The Red River Valley Park has four scenic spots with more than 80 interests.

There are some religious relics such as Jinglin Temple, Xiandong Temple, and Yuhuang Pavilion near the entrance.

The park has typically geographical features of north of Qinling mountains, where mountain peaks rise one after another, imposing halls nestle among luxuriant pine and cypress trees, and the river water gurgles down the mountain slopes, forming waterfalls and deep pools.

The park has relics of Quaternary glacier which is quiet rare and unique. Tourists can have a view of the Quaternary glacier without climbing the mountain. The cableway will offer a convenient transportation across those spectacular views.

Due to the special geographical location of Qinling Mountains, there is a unique forest landscape belt which consists of a great many of vertical vegetations where inhabits plenty of animal species ranging from an elevation of 800 meters to 3,666.6 meters. Therefore, this area is also acclaimed as a gene pool where more than thirty kinds of rare and precious animals and plants live. It is really an ideal place for scientific study.