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Shahu Scenic Zone  

Covering an area of 45.10 square kilometers, including 24,16 square kilometers land area, 8.2 square kilometers water area and 12.7 square kilometers desert land, Shahu Scenic Zone boasts for its unique natural landscape and rich natural resources. It combines five tourist resources together-- sand, water, bulrush, birds and hills, forming a “Pearl in the Desert”, which harmoniously blends delicate sceneries and vigorous desert landscape.

With a deser in the south and a lake in the north, Shahu Scenic Zone, famous for its unique natural landscape and advantaged tourist resources attracts numerous people from all circles. Tourists all enjoy its amazing beauty. Now, it is not only one of the thirty-five famous tourist spots in China but also a tourism and investment hotspot in west China.

Four scenic spots in Shahu Scenic Zone:

Birds’ Paradise:Abundant in fishes, well-reserved Shuhu Lake is a paradise for birds. Millions of birds inhabit here, including eleven bird items and 24 bird families, such as swans, bustards, goosanders, gulls, bitterns, white cranes and mallards. Therefore, this paradise of birds has been ranked as a national natural reserve.

Water Lily Garden: In possession of 10thsound mu water area, it lies in the east part of Shahu Lake. Each summer, beautiful water lilies in the garden blossom out one after another, vying for each other for glamour.

Exotic sceneries of Nile River: You can enjoy the exotic sceneries of Nile River on both banks of Silver Lake in Shahu Scenic Zone by appreciating sand-engraving artworks elaborated by artists, such as Pyramid, Sphinx and so on.

Sceneries of Silk Road: You can enjoy the history and culture of Silk Road while sight-seeing the Great Wall, the impregnable pass, Mogao Grottoes, mysterious Persian culture and ancient India, the Holy Land of Buddism.