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Shangqing Ancient Town  

Shangqing Ancient Town has a total area of about 2500 square kilometers and a population of about twenty thousand and the natural environment is very beautiful with mountains surrounding and waters flowing beside and large number of places of interests. The 2-kilometer Shangqing ancient street connects Changqing Workshop, Staying Official Family Temple, Heaven Master Mansion, Staying Official House, Tianyuande Medicine House and Catholic Church on a line and forms a tourist route with special charm. And the suspended houses built over the water along the river and the wharfs fully displays the architect features of the building in the south of Yangtze River while the yarn washing women, clothing pounding girls, water playing children, the fishing boats by the bank and the white ducks on the water form another scenic line of the ancient with special charm, pleasant to peoples’ eyes. In the east of the town lie Shangqing Palace and Tai Mountain Palace and in the north east is the Elephant Mountain Institute, one of the four famous institutes in South Song Dynasty. Across Luxi River lie Guizhou Village, the home town of Xiayan, the prime minister in Ming Dynasty and the meeting place of the Eleventh Red Army Corps and the Central Red Army Corps during the second civil revolutionary war.