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It is a tourist area with unique spectacles that is located in Zhongwei City, Ningxia. Shapotou used to be famous for its sand-control achievement. Within Zhongwei territory, Baolan railway passes through desert six times, among which the wind drift sand at Shapotou is the most violent. Since 1950s, they begin to carry out the project of protecting against the wind and fixing sand on both sides of the railway. The desert section of Baolan railway is safe and sound for several decades. In the grass checks resembling a gigantic net on both sides of the railway, there is a profusion of desert plants. Green waves ripple in golden sea of sand. This achievement of sand-control has caused wide public concern in the worldwide sand-control circles. In Shapotou, a tourist area with unique spectacles and features has been established.Driving southward for 150 km from Yinchuan City, in the middle of the vast sea of sand, a man-made oasis suddenly unfolds before your eyes.Here, the sky is blue, the cloud is white, the sand is yellow, and the water is clear. In spring, the flowers are in full bloom; while in summer and fall, the fruits are ripen. Tourists come in endless stream all the year round.Mounting a camel and crossing one ridge of sand after another, you can appreciate all the queer scenes. The extremely exciting experience of taking a sheepskin raft trip down the torrential Yellow River gives every tourist an impression he will never forget. On a warm and sunny day, when you climb up the high dune and then slip down with the quicksand conveniently, the tremendous roar is deafening. This is the marvellous spectacle of Shapo Tolling that enjoys worldwide reputation.