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St. Dominics Church  
The St. Dominic's Church

The St. Dominic's Church, also known as Dominican Church, was initially built by the Dominican order of the Catholic when they arrived in Macau in 1687, thus having a history of more than 400 years. The church was refurbished in 1828, leading to the present magnificent size. The church has been used to worship the Our Lady of Fatima, who is the most favorable goddess of the Portuguese. There are lots of mysterious and interesting oil paintings and statues in the church, among which the statue of Jesus Christ is most famous. The church is the place for you to have a glimpse of the unique religious culture of the ancient Spain.

The ceiling of the church is fully decorated with different patterns of paintings, among which the big crown in the middle is the most attractive one. Under the pattern of the crown is the main altar. The door of the church is fine in quality and exquisite in carving. The interior of the church is mainly consisted of colorful glass patterns with a variety of shapes and sizes, giving visitors the bright and impressive feelings. On the altar there is a statue of the sacred Mother with a sacred infant on her hands, and inside the sanctuary is the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The parade of Our Lady of Fatima, which is held every year in May 13, begins from the sanctuary.

The church is usually opened in the afternoon. You can first ring the door bell, somebody will answer the door, and you can enter the church through the nearby strobe. After a long walk through a corridor, you can get into the interior of the sanctuary. Furthermore, there is a small museum behind the sanctuary, and lots the famous carvings and other relics of the St. Paul's Church are on display in the museum.