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Sun Moon Lake  


Sun Moon Lake’s old name Shuishalian or shuisheli and it is located in the Rearing Pond Village which lies in the north of Ali Shan and south of Nantou County. Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural fresh water lake in Taiwan. There is a simile to modify it. It is called a number one pearl. In Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-AD1911), Sun Moon Lake had been listed one of the eight famous scenic spots in Taiwan. There are six theme parks, which are including a sight park, a natural park, a peacock park, a butterfly park, a water bird park and a religious park and eight special sights and Shuishe, Dehua Service Areas around Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake is developed from the seeper from broken Basins of Yu Shan and Ali Shan. The circumference of Sun Moon Lake is about 35 kilometers and its average depth is about 50 meters .The area is over 900 haktares, which is larger one third than the well-known Hangzhou West Lake’s area. There is a small island in Sun Moon Lake, which looks like a pearl floated on the lake water. So the island is called Pearl Island. After the heroic War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression around 8 years, China government recovered Taiwan as a part of China from Japanese colonists successfully. Taiwan people rejoiced it and celebrated it. In order to remember the great event they named the island Glorified Island instead of its former Pearl Island. In the northeast the Island the lake shape is round like sun so it is called Sun Lake. In the southwest the Island the lake shape is a bend like moon so it is called Moon Lake. Totally they are called Sun Moon Lake. When it is fine and warm in the spring, there are beautiful gorgeous reflected shines out of Sun Moon Lake and the shines are changing and mysterious partly. In the meantime dark green mounts are around it and the banks are looked curved and attractive. Dawn comes and all is quiet around Sun Moon Lake. When sunset comes rosy clouds around Sun Moon Lake are gong and moving slowly. At the moment Sun Moon Lake is covered by mist, which looks like floating voiles. When it is drizzling dark green mounts around Sun Moon Lake looks like just taking a bath and seems to much fresh. Beautiful lakes and mounts with landscapes of lakes and mounts blend each other. Both of them are picturesque. Especially in the evenings in fall moon light shine against the lake and pure clear light are covering the lake. The waves, the moonlight frame each other. A graceful serene picture is there and it looks like a fairyland. A poet once eulogized the natural blending of Sun Moon Lake greatly.--Pearl embraces clear lake. Green mounts embrace green water harmoniously. Tourists usually like to compare Sun Moon Lake with Hangzhou West Lake and argue which is more beautiful. In fact, any one is the best. Not only Taiwan local people but also mainland China people take pride in Sun Moon Lake.

The scenery is picturesque around Sun Moon Lake. Its scene is charming and gentle. There are some attics and terraces built on piedmount parts along its banks, where are much suitable for seeing its sights. Among the attics, the most famous ones are xuanzhuang Temple, Civil and Military Temple. The former one is located on the Dark Green Dragon piedmount in the south of Sun Moon Lake. And the latter one is located on the mountainside in the north of Sun Moon Lake.

For xuanzhuang Temple, there is the statue of xuanzhuang Rabbit to be worshipped, who was a very famous saint Buddhist Rabbit in Tang Dynasty (AD 618-AD 907).The characteristics of National Rabbit” are written on the temple’s stele. There is a white door building in front of the temple, which is decorated with paintings and pictures on its roof and is decorated with high eaves and creasing. It is a typical Chinese national building. There is a small pagoda in the third floor in the temple. The saint calvaria bone of xuanzhuang Rabbit is worshipped there. A nine floors building has been built several years before on Dark Green Dragon Mount which is in the back of the temple. Its name is Charity Pagoda. It is an octagonal one and it is a copy of an old pagoda in Song Dynasty (AD 960-AD1279). There are mobiles which are hung up on its eaves every floor. The mobiles will ring clearly against wind. Climbing up the top of the pagoda a tourist will overlook the whole sights of Sun Moon Lake. There is a fairy legend about the overlook. It is said people will see the top of Liuhe Pagoda which is near Hangzhou West Lake when they climb up the top of the pagoda when it is very clear. Although the fairy legend is too exaggerated it reflects the idea that the local people are eager to go back to mainland China. Considering the Civil and Military Temple, the statue of Confucius (BC 557-BC479,a great educator and the founder of Confucianism) is worshipped there. There other saint figures being worshipped. It is a whole of saint Chinese idols. The architecture of the temple is very magnificent and it is a pageant. There 365 steep steps from the foot of Sun Moon Lake to the temple’s main door. The road is compared to a way to heaven. Considering Shuishe, Dehua Service Areas around Sun Moon Lake they are virtually the local Gaoshan Clans’ villages. Now they have been built into a kind of cultural villages. Gaoshan Clans are proficient at dancing and singing. Their traditional Dance about pounding rice has attracted lots of tourists. In the west of Sun Moon Lake there is a particular peacock park where dozens of peacocks are living .The peacocks will show their beautiful feathers when they find tourists coming near them. The multifarious performance enhances travel interests.