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Surrounding Lake Scenic Area  

It is consists of 18 lake areas, covering an area of 580 square kilometers. Two hundred and twenty and more water fowls are inhabitant here. The water fowls which can be hunted amount to 40 and more varieties. Puzzle Ring Lakes are consists of a series of small shallow lakes, which locate in the way of a puzzle ring. The names of the lakes are also very vivid: Habuta Lake, Talahongtang, Maquanpao, Delongpao, Beijinpao, Yangcaohaopao, Xihulupao, etc. All the 18 lakes similar to bubbles form a puzzle ring lakes. The average depth of the lakes is only half meter, and the deepest place is only 2 meters. They are stylistic shallow lakes in wetland. There is a first international water fowls hunting square in China in the Puzzle Ring Lakes, where 240 and more fowls are inhabitant, 40 and more varieties can be hunted. People fond of hunting from foreign countries and domestic China can enjoy themselves in hunting. There is a fresh water plant which is largest in the province. Eighteen lakes of different forms cover an area of 580 thousand mu. The broad water areas seem to connect with the sky in the far away place. Under the blue sky with rosy clouds, the grass and plants along the banks are verdant. Fish swim to the shallow bottom, gulls flying and birds chirping. The wind blows through the reed to form waves and over water with duckweed. The sight of the wetland is unique and attracts lots of people to travel around. In order to protect the wild animals better, and take consideration of the need of hunt fans, new land hunting activities are organized near the Puzzle Ring Hunting Square. People mainly hunt the artificially propagating birds or little animals. The hunt fans can also enjoy the thrill of going hunting in the clump by live ammunition. The water area of the lakes is 580 square meters, inhabitant with 220 and more water fowls, among which 40 and more water fowls can be hunted. Riyue Island, with an area of 1 square kilometer, locates in 13 kilometers away from the west of lakes. The island is surrounded by waters in both sides. When the water is rising, the island takes the form of a round sun, and the curved moon when the water is low. The natural image here is well protected with complete equipments for the land and the water, as well as entertainment equipments.