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Tailuge Park  

Because of results of crustal hunched knurl and erosions made by continuous stream water the marble surface of Tailuge area is exposed utterly. Then the scenery of Tailuge Park famous for its steep cliffs and peaks has been developed. The area of Tailuge Park is about 9,000 hectares. It crosses Hualien County, Nantou County and Taichung County. The most important water system around the area is “liwu” Stream. Its drainage basin is over two third area around Tailuge Park. The main landform characteristics are its valleys and its particular mounts. Considering its gorge landform, “liwu” Stream is a typical one. Its two banks are made of marble terrane. So“liwu” Stream is called a Marble Gorge. For millions of years, the erosions made by continuous stream water out of “liwu” Stream are done against the marble landform. As a result, a marble terrane over 1,000 meters is developed. That is the sheer U Gorge which is extremely majestic and magnificent between Zhongheng Highway and Tianxiang. The Marble Gorge stretches over 20 kilometers. It is very hilly, rapid, arduous and steep. Besides the Marble Gorge there are many well-known waterfalls. The overlay of primitive forest around Tailuge Park is very tremendous. The fall between the lowest mount and the highest mount is over 3,742 meters. They include sub-tropical trees, temperate zone trees, frigid -zone trees and others. There is a vertical arrangement for the trees. The floristics around here is over 1,100 kinds. The vegetation of local mountainous lime stone is a particular one. The rare round cypress is living here.

In virtue of its human culture, the original clans around the area are belonged to Tailuge Nationality. There is also a historical reservation-Zhuilu Old Road. Others are like kylin culture site and “liwu” Stream bluff Old Road