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The Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot  

With a total coverage of about 200 square kilometers, the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot has 99 peaks, 24 cliffs, 108 scenes.  The Taoist culture, the unique landscapes and the large cliff graves are the three wonders. The Dragon and Tiger Mountain is formed by red grit stones and has formed the “Red Physiognomy”. The Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province and the Red Glow Mountain in Guangdong province are also featured with such kind of physiognomy. Bright and clean Luxi River flows across the mountain and connect the scenic spots like Shangqing Palace, The Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Immortal Water Cliff on a line like a jade belt. If you take bamboo balsa along Luxi River from the ancient Shangqing Town, you will feel the scenery along the river of about 20 kilometers is really enchanting.  

The fame of Dragon and Tiger also lies in that it is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism. In the middle of East Han Dynasty, the first Heaven Master Zhang Daoling created Taoism when he temper Nine Heaven pills of immortality at the foot of Yunjing Mountain. A dragon and a tiger appeared when the Pills of Immortality were made, therefore, the mountain was renamed as “the Dragon and Tiger Mountain” and Taoism entered the historical stage of China. In Tang Dynasty, Taoism was set as the national religion of China and all the Heaven Masters in different times were granted “first rank officials” during Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. And the Dragon and Tiger Mountain became the holy place of the Taoism in the area south of the Yangtze River. In the Silver Period of Taoism, there were ten Taoism Palaces, one Taoism Temple and 836 Taoism Houses among which Shangqing Palace was the largest. And the Demon Fighting Palace and the Evil Eliminating Well were the birthplace of the 108 generals of Liang Mountain in the novle All Men Are Brothers written by Shi Nai’an. As a holy place of Taoism, the Dragon and Tiger Mountain is highly recommended by people home and abroad, and attracts many pilgrims and tourists