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Tianzhou Old Pagoda  

Generally called Yaofu Pagoda, Tianzhou Old Pagoda is standing in the shade of crowed willow trees, 1km east from Yaofu town and 20km from Pingluo county. It is arranged in 8 levels and built by bricks, 38m high and in plan hexagon. The top of the pagoda is shaped like a reverse dipper and the diameter at the bottom is 7.5m. In the south and the north is respectively one door, on both sides of which there are antithetical couplets written strongly and beautifully. Having experienced about a hundred earthquakes, big or small, over the past hundreds of years, Tianzhou Old Pagoda was rebuilt during Emperor Qianlong’s reign(1783) of Qing dynasty. In 1980, it was kept in repair, financed by the people’s government of Luoping county.