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Wubao Ancient Tomb Complex  

Wubao Ancient Tomb Complex
Located on a laterite hill, Wubao Ancient Tomb Complex covers an area of 5000 square meters with altitude of 525meters. According to confirmation of related scientific research, this ancient tomb complex dated to 2900-3200 years ago.

Xinjiang Archeology Institute and Hami institute of Artifacts' Preservation have had thrice excavations in Wubao Ancient Tomb Complex. Graves inside are in similar form with condense and orderly arrangement. The grave is usually 1.5 meters long, meter wide and 1.2-2 meters deep. Near the bottom of grave is a stereobate of 0.5meter high and 0.2metre wide with a poplar as its lid. Under the lid is the burial chamber, which is about 1.1 meters long and 0.8 meter high. There is usually one cadaver buried in a burial chamber. It is very strange that all cadavers in burial chambers lied sideways with their legs extreme crooked.

Except for clothes and cap of the cadaver, most funerary goods are daily necessities and instruments of production, such as gallipot, cask, and stone mill. Owing to the special geographic condition and arid climate in this area, most cadavers in the ancient tomb complex are in good preservation. It is no doubt that these rare cadavers are very precious samples of anthropology.