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Wula Mountain National Forest Park  

The ecotourism area in Wula Mountain National Forest Park, whose main peak is Dahuabei regarded as the main body of the forest park, with a height of 2322 meters, is the largest one of the forty-five national forest parks ratified by the National Forestry Department of China. Dahuabei, enjoying a fine vista of ancient and tall trees, woody birches, luxuriant conifers, and twittering birds, is famous as a summer and health resort for its pleasant weather and beautiful scenery in summer and autumn. From the vantage point of Dhuabei top, one can take an overview of Baotou City, Yellow River and Ming’an Chuan etc. and the beautiful and panoramic view of Wuliangsu Sea. The scenic spot attracts a lot of tourists from local and other provinces for its magnificent, refined and open natural scenery, peaks towering into the air, gulches and valleys spreading and trees and flowers thriving.

Wula Mountain Forest Park is rich in resources. There are 73 scenic spots based on Dahuabei Peak with green mountains, clean rivers, grotesque stones, ancient tall trees and springs scattering everywhere. Furthermore, natural scenery varies in a year. In spring the scenery is elegant and charming, all things are quickened and plants are competing for growing. The peak is wreathed by mist and drizzle with blooming flowers and flourishing grasses in summer, while Crimson maple leaves in autumn and snowy lands in winter are all attractive. The scenic spot has gathered hills and waters, trees and stones, flowers and grass and ancient temples together, while the multielement combination of the human landscape Meiligeng Temple, nivation, frozen earth, pictographic characters of pictographs and gravity have a certain strange fascination for you.   So this is a comfortable place for traveling and summer holidays.