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Xiamen University  

Xiamen University was established by Tan Kah Kee, a patriotic oversea Chinese, in 1921. It is the first university established by an oversea Chinese in the contemporary Chinese history of education, and a comprehensive and national key university under the direct administration of  the Ministry of Education in China.They have inherited the school motto of pursue excellence and strive for perfect, and accumulated rich experience in teaching in the past 87 years. The university has formed its own special education features and become a comprehensive university with all kinds of subjects, sufficient teaching resources, and wide international influence.

It is near the hill and beside the sea. The scenery of the university is really picturesque with attractions like Furong Lake and Lover Gorge Reservoir. Therefore, it forms a romantic and quiet atmosphere and there is a saying that goes, ‘Xiamen University is the heaven for couples’. Most of the old buildings in the university were built by Tan Kah Kee’s son-in-law. It has rich characteristics because of the dry wall and glazed roof.

Nowadays Xiamen University is walking towards the aim of being a world-renowned research-oriented university of high level.