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Xiao Gu Mountain  
The legend has it that Da Yu recorded the merit of water-control in the stone inscription here and Qinshi Emperor carved “Zhong Liu Di Zhu (a tower of strength)”in the stone.

Because of the shape like a beauty with coiled bun, it is also called Girl’s Mountain. Facing it, the Penglang Rock at the southern bank of Yangtze River, from time immemorial, was renamed Man’s Rock. So, Su Shi, an eminent writer in the Song Dynasty, made the description in his poem that “the merchant in the boat must not produce fond desire, since the girl has married the man last year”.

With a strange shape, the mountain has sights everywhere and each of them is marvelous and described as “it seems like a pen watched from the east, a fauteuil from the west, a hanging bell from the south and a howling dragon from the north”. For hundreds of years, it has been famous for its beauty, uniqueness, steepness and solitude. The major attractions include Longer Cave, Xianyue Building, Mituo Pavilion, Tianfei Palace, Banbian Tower, Jiechao Temple, Shuzhuang Pavilion and Yushi Stele etc.