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Yehenala Ancient City  

Yehe tribe means the sun near the river in Manchu language. It is an important birthplace of Manchu culture, which is both the birthplace of Xiaocigao Empress in early Qin dynasty and ancestral home of Cixi Empress in late Qin dynasty. Therefore it got the name of the hometown of 2 empresses. It is an important folk tourist zone of Jilin Province and an important scenic spot of Siping tourist and economical district. It is also a tie of Mountain Gate and Double-dragon tourist zones.

The architecture of the ancient city is quite unique. There are three city walls: wooden one, earth one and stone one and a city moat in every city. Standing on the high flat, you can enjoy the strong wind and the spacious field. In each castle, octagonal buildings are primitive, simple and splendid. The buildings are rare ancient architecture compound, which is of high archaeological and sightseeing value. The body of castle and inner buildings preserve well, in which lots of famous historical relics of Qing dynasty are scattered. The General Platform and Beacon-fire Platform are especially impressive. The present Yehenala scenic spot has split into 2 parts: the ancient culture district and Zhuanshan lake scenery and holiday enjoyment district. In the ancient culture district, there are east and west city relics, ancient courier station, Jianan temple, Liangliang temple, and Chongwang temple accessible for visitors. The scenery of this district is very beautiful, which has a water area of 5,000 acres. You can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the mountain, water and sky. In the tourist resort, the mountains comprise each other, hills undulate, and various kinds of trees are lush and dense. It is one of the 100 national natural forest parks granted by the forest ministry of China. The scenery of Zhuanshan lake tourist zone is very beautiful and refreshing. The mountains and water embrace each other. The lake has over 500 acres of area, the water of which is reserved in an S-shaped lake region. Canoeing over the lake, you can have a fairy experience of drifting through the cliffs, valleys and mountains. The natural sceneries such as the lake between 2 tortoise-shaped lands and the city on the back of tortoise-shaped land are very marvelous and impressive. This area is regarded as geomantic treasure site.