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Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum  

The building of Manchu fork custom museum is completed and put into use in August, 1992, which has a building area of 1,350 square meters. There are seven separate exhibiting halls. The part for historical relics mainly displays historical material such as sculptures, rubbings, charts, pictures etc., which records the reproducing trace of Manchu ethnic group in Yitong area. The hand-down cultural relics are mainly family diagram, genealogies, family books, amnesty papers, imperial mandates. The ancestors sacrifice and fork custom parts are mostly wares for sacrifices of Manchu group. Shaman culture part mainly displays some wares for god sacrifice of Shaman group. And the life facilities part mostly exhibits some unique life wares and delicate handicrafts of Manchu family. So far, there are over 3,000 items of 310 kinds of historical objects in the museum.