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Yuyuan Garden  

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden is a traditional Chinese park complete with beautiful pavilions, miniature lakes, bridges and rock formations. This small park is located in the heart of Shanghai's old Chinese quarter and links to Yuyuan Market.

Built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty in the Suzhou style by a high official Pan Yunduan in honor of his father, the garden has maintained its classic beauty over the centuries. The Yuyuan Garden was considered the best garden in Southeast China.

The Pavilion of Spring in the northeast section of the park is famous for being the headquarters of the anti-imperialist "Little Sword Society", who in 1853 led an uprising against Qing rule and occupied Shanghai for 17 months. Weapons, coins and other objects used by the society are now housed in an exhibition hall.

A large-scale restoration of the Yuyuan Garden was conducted after the establishment of PRC and it was opened to the public formally in 1961.

Yuyuan Garden's Huxin Ting teahouse is very popular and numerous stalls sell delicious Chinese snacks and desserts.