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Ningxia travel  

Ningxia Hui autonomous region is called “Ning” in short, and is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in West China. Ningxia borders on Shaanxi Province on the east, is connected with Inner Mongolia autonomous region on the west and north, and Gansu province on the south.

Ningxia has rich tourism resources¡£Its main tourism areas include human and natural landscapes. The human landscapes mainly include following places: Western Xia Mausoleum located 35 km west of the Yinchuan City, Baisikou Twin Tower dated back between Western Xia Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, Haibao Tower (North Tower) sited north of the old downtown of Yinchuan, Chengtian Temple Tower (the West Tower) built in1050 AD, Drum Tower, Yuhuang Pavilion, Nanguan Mosque, Rock Art of Helan Mountain Series and Zhenbeibao West Movie Studio.

On Liupan Mountain are also located a great number of human landscapes, such as the Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty, Xumi Mountain Grotto, Liupan Mountain Memorial Pavilion for the Long March, the Long March Monument at Jiangtaibao of Xiji County£¬Guyuan Museum and so on. Jinshui Tourism Zone of 103 square km, located on the banks of the Yellow River where Yinchuan, Lingwu, and Taole share the same boundary, has both scenic spots and human landscapes.

Some famous landscapes can also be found here: Hengcheng Castle(Western Xia City), the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, Hengcheng Tombs of the Han Dynasty, Shuidonggou Ruins, Sculpture for the Yellow River, 108 Towers, Gao Miao Temple, Shikong Temple Grotto, Tongxin Mosque, Najiahu Mosque, Niushou Temple, etc.