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Taiwan Province is located in the continental shelf in southeastern sea of China and it is opposite Fujian Province westwards.

Taiwan Province is a hub of transportation in Asia and it is a most popular resort with much convenience. In the past 50 years, world-known economic miracles have taken place in Taiwan Province. The products made in Taiwan are popular in the world.

Taiwan is the fourteen largest trade one in the world. And Taiwan is a main fund supplier for China and countries in Southeast Asia.

Although Taiwan is not very large there are much bountiful deposits of natural resources and humanistic sceneries. Considering its geographic resources, because functions of stratums are doing continuously there are very complex and changing landforms and physiognomy including mountains, plains, hills, basins, islands, valleys and coasts in Taiwan. Furthermore, tropic of cancer just passes through Taiwan. There are different natural zoologies including tropic, sub- tropic and temperate zones in Taiwan. Among the valuable natural zoologies there are some particular original species in Taiwan, for example, Taiwan bears, Taiwan macaques so Taiwan is an important base of zoology care in the world.

In Taiwan, tourists can visit steep sheer high mountains and gorges full of power and grandeur around Tailuge Park and can take special trains for mountaineering. Tourists can have a leisure walk in forests around Ali Shan and watch sunrise and sea of clouds there. Tourists can climb up Yu Shan, which is the highest Mount in Northeast Asia and enjoy the charming sceneries around majestic mountains. Tourists can go to Kending , which is located in the south of Taiwan and has a reputation of Asia Hawaii to appreciate the great atmosphere by sea resorts and to relax and to refresh themselves. Considering Sun Moon Lake, it is a mountainous pear. Its beauty of mountains connected with its lake water is astonishing. Considering valleys and coasts in east Taiwan, there are the purest natural sceneries. Considering Chinmen Island and Matsu Island, there are colorful local products and particular humanistic sceneries.

Considering particular humanistic sceneries, special landforms and physiognomy in Taiwan there are different nationalities and races, for example, clans from south Fujian Province, Hakka, original clans and people from other provinces in China. And there are different cultures, religions, structures, languages, life habits and food flavors. All the things establish a harmonious and booming picture in Taiwan, especially its food is a typical representation about the colorful cultures and there are abundant delicious flavors. Taiwan, as a food paradise, has been recognized well in the world.

Area Code:  886
Post code: 000100
Area:36000 kls
Administrative divisions: there are five provincial cities and total sixteen counties in Taiwan Province .For the cities, they are Chilung (Keelung) City, Taichung City, Chia-I City, Tainan City and Hsinchu City. For the cities, they are Taipei County, Ilan County, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Taichung County, Penghu County, Taitung County, Hualien County, Changhua County, Nantou County, Yunlin County, Chia-I County, Tainan County, Kaohsiung County, Pingtung County. In the year 1967, Taiwan Administration listed Taipei City as an executive yuan City. In the year 1979, Taiwan Administration listed Kaohsiung City as an executive yuan City. Furthermore, Taiwan Administration established the so-called “Fujian Province” which is in charge of Chinmen County and Matsu County .