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Zhejiang travel  

Located on the coast of East China Sea in the southeast of the country, Zhejiang borders with cities and provinces like Shanghai, Jiangsu, An’hui, Jiangxi, Fujian at three sides. As a province with the most islands in the country and of 2,000 islands at the seashore, its southwest district is high in altitude while the northeast district is low. And the vast waters form the large offshore fishing ground in Zhejiang province.


Ever since the reform and opening to the outside world, economy in Zhejiang has been developed rapidly. The main economic indicators are in the leading position in China and it is one of the provinces with the biggest economic gains and the most energy. Besides,  the gross domestic product (GDP), per capita gross product and total fiscal revenue all rank the forth in the country.

Population and Nationalities

Zhejiang has a population of 46,790,000, with 400,000 of which from 53 minorities including She minority (200,000) and Hui minority (20,000). As the only She minority autonomous county in the country, Jingning She minority autonomous county lies in Lishui city, Zhejiang province.